Mylee And The Milkshakes

As I set out to prepare 10 questions for Mylee Wright the wife of Oscar Billy Wright, cancer. I realized that there was one more member of their tribe, their son Rocky so I figured lets get a two-fer out of this one and get to know the Wright Family… US- State your full names and zodiac sign? Them- Amalia Grace Fitzgerald Wright, Leo Rocky River Wright, Aries Us- I don’t know much about you, what are some of your passions? Her- Hum well, surfing, playing music, Vintage shopping, Flowers and Kindness Us- How did Mylee and The Milkshakes come about? Her- Well, our band name has changed 6 times in the last 6 years. The first name we had was The Love Land Band and the members were our current drummer Ray, Ozzie my mum and myself. Along the way we met friends that added to the group, a second guitarist Tristran, a cellist and a Keyboardist named Katherine. Us- How and where did you meet your husband? Her- Umm when was the first time we did meet? (She asked Ozzie) I was about nine and our mums were friends and his house. Was near mine. A couple years later I waged school and asked him to come hang out with me. We didn’t see each other for a few years later but we live in the same town so we would see each other around. It wasn’t until I was 21 that we felt it was the right time to be together. Us- You a Black Sabbath woman? Her- No I haven’t gotten into Black Sabbath Us- Red or white wine? Her- Red Us- Apple or grape juice? Him- (Rocky) What song is it? Oh Apple juice Us- You think Spiderman and Batman hang out in the pool when there not fighting crime? Him- (Rocky) No, I’m real ninja. Us- What’s it like juggling a family and a singing career? Her- Well we keep playing to a minimum but we kind of kept it that way so our priority can be the family. Music will always be what I do whether it’s in front of an audience or not. At this stage i’m happy if I get to share the gift of music amongst friends. Us- Any last words? Him- (Rocky) I’m a real Ninja…. My flying kick is my favorite move (and then he showed us) Well that’s it for Mylee and Rocky, Two really down to earth people in this guy’s opinion. Mylee and her band Mylee and The Milkshakes will be on our stage in the rice paddies this Friday and Rocky, well he’s always running around with a painted face doing Ninja tricks. That’s all she wrote for me I’m Tyler Mars and you can buy me a beer…